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and some just for fun just to show off the beautiful river Lea!


All about Elder - folk-lore, science, harvesting and preparation. A musical journey on the River lea

Herbs and anti-biotic resistance

This talk was recorded in May 20014. In the beautiful setting of Phytology in Bethnal Green, Melissa explores the potential of herbs and home remedies to contribute to our collective response to the crisis of anti-biotic resistance

This Narrow Boat Adventure
This interview with the lovely Jasmin Starr Scanlon-carling on her series of short films and interviews about life on the waterways. Jasmin has her own u tube channel, do visit for more of interviews and how-to films

Ship Building

Along time ago , back in 2007 there was a dream to build the Herbal Barge  - the dream did come true  - but it took a while ! A journey through some of the process, with help from Elvis Costello..