Articles and interviews from and with Melissa Ronaldson, some informative, some political, some as learning resources for patients.

Fasting, Dieting and Detox

It’s that time of year when minds wander to thoughts of diets, perhaps of fasts and detoxing – certainly towards wanting to feel lighter, brighter and less sluggish.


Many of us find that ‘dieting’, in the sense of cutting down calories to lose weight, doesn’t work. Eating and our relationship with food can be muddled up with loaded emotional issues such as comfort and denial....

Herbal Medicine and the NHS


The branch of medicine currently used to deliver health care within the NHS is known as the ‘biomedical model’. The ideas behind this particular way of approaching health and disease evolved through the industrial revolution, and became consolidated in a discipline as distinct from other approaches to medicine during the 19th and early 20th century. The model, claiming e...

Herbal solutions to the crisis of anti-biotic resistance
In this article, I attempt to lay out the arguments that herbal medicine and home remedies have so much to contribute to our collective response to the potentially calamitous scenario, a (in the words of the director of the World Health Organisation) ‘post anti-biotic era’. It is quite long but I believe there is a crucial question, why aren’t the WHO and other policy makers queuing up to e...

Interview In

Interview in Vice magazine  exploring the urgency to look at traditional remedies and herbal medicine as part of the response to the crisis of antibiotic resistance. Some nice pictures!