Melissa’s herbs helped me stopped taking the anti-depressants I thought I needed, which I had taken for many years, and now I haven't taken them for years

B. P.

I have found using herbal medicine a really useful way of dealing with a variety of health problems. Herbalism has worked well alongside NHS care for me for a long-term recurring problem – which now appears to have resolved thanks to both. It also takes seriously issues which some GPs can more or less tell you that you just have to put up with.

At the centre of this Melissa has been everything that you could wish for and more from a health practitioner. She treats me as a person, not just a collection of symptoms and understands how the wider issues of my life can and have affected my health and counsels sensible and practical ways of dealing with them. The medicines prescribed have made a real improvement to my symptoms. Melissa takes care of her patients in the widest and best possible way.

A. G.

Since being diagnosed with diabetes type 1 last year I sought the help of a medical herbalist and have been very impressed by the quality of care given by Melissa Ronaldson in several ways - her expert knowledge of herbs, her holistic approach to health and her clinical methods. She continues to be an enormous support to me and I would very much recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced and thorough practitioner in this field.

C. T.

I started seeing Mel as a herbalist about two years ago when I was having issues with fibroids and pre-menopausal/menopausal symptoms. The care and treatment she gave me genuinely transformed my life! Within a few weeks of starting to use Mel's prescribed teas and medicines my symptoms were reducing. After a while we reduced the ‘medication’ from every day to just a few days a month, and now I take it on a ‘as and when needed’ basis (which is rarely!).  My system now feels like it is back to the lovely, pain free, non bloaty non invasive self that it has been for most of adult life.  Not only do Mel's medicines feel like they work miracles... but her kind, professional, genuinely interested, sympathetic, listening approach adds so much to the whole experience of going to her for help. Everyone should have a Mel in their lives!