The Herbal Barge Apothecary is there for  people can drop in,  access herbal medicines without needing to book a one to one consultation. It is a retail outlet of various over the counter-herbal preparations, and raw ingredients; somew ...

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Herbal Medicine can deliver support and effective treatment strategies to people experiencing a wide range of health  problems. The Herbal Barge Clinic offers professional and confidential  consultations,  in person and via zoom.

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This website aims to offer reliable and accessible  knowledge resources that will include original  material as well as  curated and signposted information and learning  from across the web. 

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The Herbal Barge Company

The Herbal Barge is a very special floating Herbal Medicine Clinic, Apothecary and Teaching space. It is run by experienced herbalist Melissa Ronaldson and offers one to one consultations; over the counter and online products; regular courses, workshops and plant walks;and occasional special events.

The Herbal Barge may be found in various locations on London's waterways, but home-base is Tottenham and the River Lea.

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Melissa Ronaldson FNIMH

The Herbal Barge is owned and run by  herbalist, Melissa Ronaldson.

Melissa is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists; she qualified with a Bachelor of Science in Herbal Medicine in 2000 and has been in practice ever since.

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Phone: 0773 696 6197   Email:melissa@herbalbarge.co.uk