The thorny question of fair pricing!

There is no system that easily balances the tension between an aspiration that quality, skilled herbal medicine care is accessible to those who need it, and the aim for the herbalist to earn a living. The goal of this is beyond the reach of an individual practitioner – but it is good to be mindful of the objective!

For now, this is the sliding scale I am currently working with. It is plant based!

Please read the examples below and decide which most closely resembles your own circumstances.   There is no need for evidence or justification; only you know all your individual circumstances.  

For the Practitioner time spent on each consultation will vary between 1.5 and 4 hours

You will be invoiced according to your chosen plant category after your consultation.

Choose an amount that enables you to commit to ongoing treatment, if that is what you need.  These may be monthly.  Remember that herbal medicines are an additional cost over and above the consultation fee and will tend to cost between £4 and £20 a week.

If you are currently considering whether herbal medicine, or this practice in particular is right for you, you can arrange for a quick preliminary telephone conversation and there will be no charge for this.

Rose. £35 initial consultation, £20 follow upConsider paying at this level if :

Primrose.  £55 initial consultation £35 follow up.  Consider paying at this level if :

Calendula. £75 initial consultation £45 follow up. Consider paying at this level if :

Elderberry.  £95 initial consultation £60 follow up. Consider paying at this level if:

Rosemary.  £120 initial consultation £80 - £100 follow up Consider paying at this level if: