On line Herbal Medicine / home remedy course

An opportunity to study the living practical tradition of herbal medicine, and learn how to skilfully use medicinal plants and herbal medicine strategies to help yourself, your family and your friends.


This is an exciting time to study plant medicine. Many of us live in diverse communities that are fed by the wisdom and experience of many different traditions.

The course does not aim to train individuals to be practitioners, but it may be an opportunity to explore whether herbal medicine is a profession you might want to pursue.

In our homes we deal with coughs, colds, fevers, cuts, bruises sprains, on a daily basis. These are the ordinary bread and butter of home remedies. The course will provide strategies for dealing with these and information about when it might be necessary to seek expert help.

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Botany, sex and fertility
Food and Digestion
Immune system
Muscular skeletal system
Respiring, skin and lungs
Stress, fight and flight

While the course relies entirely on online resources, participation will plug you into a database of all the practical courses up and down the country that can supplement and amplify online study. According to demand we may develop ‘expert patient’ courses that will take place on the herbal barge and other venues, that support individuals and carers to understand conditions that particularly matter to them.


Starting times

Students can start at any time. They will receive the welcome introduction lecture, and instruction pack. They may join a forum with students who have already been participating in the course for other units.