This practice offers a sliding scale:

 £65 for first appointment with £45 for a follow up.

 £45 for first appointment with £35 for a follow up.

We also run a low cost student training clinic where the first consultation costs £25 and follow up appointments are £15

Medicines cost extra and tend to work out to cost between £4 - £16 per week.

Shop medicines and products are priced individually

Repeat prescriptions cost £9 per 100ml.

This practice acknowledges that it is often difficult for individuals to pay for healthcare. Our aim is that herbal medicine should be part of an integrative health care system that is accessible to all. You can help by telling your other medical practitioners - GPs, psychiatrists, dermatologists etc about your experience of herbal medicine. Where possible we can help to negotiate for you to include herbal medicine as part of your care plan.