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Part 1

Stress, fight and flight, adrenal response – Raised cortisol levels.

Stress the driver behind so many health conditions, and implications for holistic approaches.

Impact of sugar and coffee

What is an adaptogen?

Good sleep, how to get it.

Importance of dreaming.

Home remedy strategies to combat stress.

Part 2

Mood and madness.

seasonal effective disorder.

Thyroid imbalance.

coming off psychiatric medications.

Part 1

  1. Name four physiological consequences of response to fear.
  2. Name three ‘adaptogenic’ herbs and a characteristic of each.
  3. Name factors reflected within contemporary body of evidence base that seem to reflect on sleep.
  4. Name four herbs that might contribute to positive sleep.

Part 2

  1. Prepare a herbal winter blues tonic.
  2. Describe two non herbal strategies for supporting someone with winter blues.
  3. Sign post an individual in the direction of non pharmaceutical interventions to help with mental health problems.
  • Video lecture on adrenal response and herbs.
  • Video lecture on home remedy and herbal strategies to achieve good sleep.
  • Video lecture on mood and mental health.
  • Annotated links to peer reviewed journals.
  • Annotated links to annotated YouTube clips, Ted talks etc.
  • Annotated links to relevant websites.

Nettle seed




Dandelion root