Herbal Shuff

RONALDSON'S   Herbal Snuff
For thousands of years people have inhaled medicinal powders for their curative properties. Ronaldson's herbal tobacco free snuffs are crafted from high quality botanical ingredients to promote relaxation and wellbeing.

How do I take Ronaldson's Herbal Snuff?
Snuff is traditionally administered by taking a small pinch between the thumb and forefinger, holding just beneath each nostril and sniffing/inhaling sharply. But find a way that works for you. As a guideline, a single dose or pinch may be the size of a grain of rice. It is safe to take a pinch of herbal snuff several times a day.

In the unlikely event of irritation or allergic response, stop taking immediately. Snuff no. 5 is very strong; it may cause pain if used on inflamed mucus membrane.

Herbal Snuff for Health Conditions
Herbal Snuff may help to relieve certain health conditions, but it is always going to be more effective in the context of skilled advice and wider herbal medicine strategies. For a more medicinal perspective on using herbal snuff, visit The Herbal Barge website.

Soothing Refreshing and Light
Toning Strengthening and Drying
Tonic Gladdening and Reviving
Relaxing Soothing and Resting
Extra Strong! Use with caution!

The Herbal Barge Company

The Herbal Barge is a very special floating Herbal Medicine Clinic, Apothecary and Teaching space. It is run by experienced herbalist Melissa Ronaldson and offers one to one consultations; over the counter and online products; regular courses, workshops and plant walks;and occasional special events.

The Herbal Barge may be found in various locations on London's waterways, but home-base is Tottenham and the River Lea.

The Herbal Barge Company's mission is to create a space that reflects its unique tow path setting – somewhere that connects old and new, science and tradition, urban and rural. A place routed in the local community and yet welcoming to travellers and strangers; somewhere to connect to plants and the medicine of plants; a space from which to pursue peace, health, knowledge and clarity.