Welcome to the module Food and Digestion. Most of the information you need for the quizzes and case history is available in the information below, but please do visit the Food page and the Digestion pages on the website in order to explore things a little more deeply.

Our herbs of special interest this month are Marshmallow and Meadowsweet.

At the end of this module, all of you be able will be able to :

1.Explain the action of demulcent, carminative and bitter herbs, and give an example of each.

2.Name four red flag digestive system symptoms

3.Describe the role of probiotics and prebiotics in digestive health

4.Name two chronic conditions that can be ameliorated by change in diet.

5.Feel confident to use or prescribe a safe strategy for reliving mild constipation

Some of you will be able also able to:

1.Describe the mechanism of lactose intolerance

2.Feel confident to treat mild digestive disorders in yourself or others.

If you are planning to submit a case history for individual feedback, please do so before the 10th of March.

At this time of year I always run a spring cleaning /fasting group. The longer I practice the more I understand that in relation to diet, eliminating certain substances can be as important as adding others. There is no better way of understanding the impact of eliminating foods than to try it yourself for a while. Feel free to set out your aspirations in the forum, and perhaps we can support each other in sticking to our goals.

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